(Las Cañadas, La Guancha)

Teide 360° Tour

  • Ruta Teide 360°
  • Ruta Teide 360°
  • Ruta Teide 360°
  • Ruta Teide 360°
  • Ruta Teide 360°
  • Ruta Teide 360°
  • Ruta Teide 360°

    Expert ++


    90 km

    800 m

    no stop in restaurant

    6 hours

    from base


The full tour to the Teide, which is the highest mountain in Spain standing at 3718 metres tall, is possibly the most impressive tour we offer and definitely a memorable experience.
The route begins almost 2000 metres above sea level with a coffee and a sandwich. Your direction is then south through Teide National Park where you will find spectacular volcanic landscape that will make you believe you are visiting another planet. You will experience evolution up close and the further you enter this fantastic zone the more picturesque the colours and forms that dominate this unique landscape become. Finally, you will leave the road and take on a trail that starts out sandy but then turns into stones and becomes steeper before reaching the Corona Forestal. Prolonged descents are interrupted every so often by gentle climbs. On the northern side of the Teide you will cross an obsidian field made by black lava, a vitreous substance formed by special circumstances. The Guanche people knew how to use this hard, sharp rock as a tool and weapon. A bulky aqueduct shows the way back to the Orotava Valley. It is then just a few kilometres to the base where you will arrive back tired but happy after a special day of cycling.

Tours Price

  • Day Tour incl. Hardtail Bike 09:30 - 16:30 H
  • 1 Tour - 95 €
  • 2 Tour - 170 €
  • 3 Tour - 240 €
  • Additional Tour - 75 €
  • Day Tour incl. Fully Bike 09:30 - 16:30 H
  • 1 Tour - 95 €
  • 2 Tour - 180 €
  • 3 Tour - 260 €
  • Additional Tour - 85 €

Bike helmets are included with all tours. Exclusive individual tours and basic technique training can be agreed.
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