Easy Tour

On these tours the motto is to use the full power of the engine from time to time and go with the flow. A natural spectacle, exploring the surrounding area and meeting the locals in a relaxed manner are the most important aspects on our easy tours. However, we do recommend you have some experience riding a bike for an Easy Tour.

Expert Tour

Our expert tours are a bit more demanding. Here, the programme includes sporting demands and tackling higher altitudes. We try to stay in “eco” mode to achieve a training effect and save our breath to enjoy the spectacular views of Tenerife, enjoying and going a longer distance with only one battery charge. Cycling is a hobby and passion for you, meaning you won’t be scared by staying in the saddle for 5 hours or more, nor by taking on slopes with gradients of 15% or more: welcome to Expert Level. The cyclist who has the most charge in their battery at the end of the tour will win a free beer. And this will be paid for by the cyclist with the emptiest battery. ;o)

Our different tours are also awarded an additional “+” when... they include steep, uneven or demanding ramps and descents and the route time exceeds 4 hours. The more “+” a route has, the more demanding it is. The maximum is “+++”.

For people who have no physical background and who wish to enjoy the area at their own pace, we recommend hiring an electric bicycle at our base and exploring the island without a guide.

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