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Izaña Tour

  • Ruta Izaña
  • Ruta Izaña
  • Ruta Izaña
  • Ruta Izaña
  • Ruta Izaña
  • Ruta Izaña

    Expert ++


    60 km

    1.100 m

    stop in restaurant

    5 hours

    Shuttle to La Caldera


The taxi will take you to the starting point of this tour, which is almost 1100 metres above sea level. Using a gravel path you will head directly into a pine forest where, after a brief warm-up, you will take on the first demanding hill.
At Piedra Margarita, a basalt flower several metres high formed by a special cooling process, offers the perfect photo opportunity. A few metres of road and then approximately 15 kilometres of gravel path later, you will head to Teide National Park. What awaits in this region can be easily described: something amazing! Volcanic cones, fields of different coloured ash, Teide broom trees on all sides, and spectacular views of Teide Mountain. All that’s missing from this fascinating scene is a herd of dinosaurs. From the highest point at 2240 metres above sea level the air is scarce so you will cycle down slowly to El Portillo where you will regain your strength with a well-deserved lunch. With food in your bellies, you will then take on some paths of varying steepness to visit the valley. A small loop round the region above the La Guancha region completes this long descent. You will pass by Guanche Monument in Icod el Alto and then it’s almost all downhill back to the starting point in La Paz.

Tours Price

  • Day Tour incl. Hardtail Bike 09:30 - 16:30 H
  • 1 Tour - 95 €
  • 2 Tour - 170 €
  • 3 Tour - 240 €
  • Additional Tour - 75 €
  • Day Tour incl. Fully Bike 09:30 - 16:30 H
  • 1 Tour - 95 €
  • 2 Tour - 180 €
  • 3 Tour - 260 €
  • Additional Tour - 85 €

Bike helmets are included with all tours. Exclusive individual tours and basic technique training can be agreed.
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