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We are a company fully focused on electric bicycles and we offer you competent advice, guided tours and electric bike hire. We afford you the opportunity to discover the island of Tenerife on a spectacular excursion while you try out this futuristic mode of transport.


Our guided excursions are suitable for anyone with a small sporting base knowledge and who has some experience of having ridden a bicycle. But wait! An electric bicycle does NOT climb hills itself. You have to do your part too. ;o) But don’t worry. The systems offered today by different manufacturers help on steep hills with up to 250 watts and 80Nm revolutions.


Above all, we move around using secondary roads with little traffic, asphalt surfaces, narrow forest trails, and cart trails with bumps. The difficulty level is low to medium. Excursions are between 40 and 100 kilometres long. The altitude difference will vary between 800 and 2000 metres. We form groups with a minimum of three and a maximum of eight people.


The battery’s capacity will depend largely on external influence and weight of the cyclist. For this reason, we must restrict the weight of participants on our tours to 110 kg. We have chosen tours such that upon their return to our base bicycles will have a residual charge of 5-10% (if not, bikes also work without electricity). ;o)
En caso de que necesites alguna información o simplemente desees darnos su opinión, no dudes en contactarnos.
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